Case Study - Competitive Wake Surf Association

The Competitive Wake Surf Association (CWSA) is a global hub for wake surfing enthusiasts and professionals. It is dedicated to promoting the sport of wake surfing through organizing competitions, maintaining a comprehensive ranking system, and providing a platform for athletes, judges, and event organizers.

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CWSA initially faced challenges with manual payment collections, event scoring, and publishing results. Their process was time-consuming and inefficient, relying on manual data entry and PDFs for result dissemination.

Our Solution

We revolutionized CWSA's operational processes by developing a custom Excel workbook to assist with event scoring, and a formula for automatically updating world rankings. We then created a bespoke database and website tailored to their specific needs.

Innovative Features

Integrated Membership Payments: Streamlined the payment process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Scoring System: Developed an in-website scoring system. This allowed for real-time result submissions by judges and the creation of running orders through a drag-and-drop interface.

Transparency and Accessibility: Enhanced user experience by enabling athletes and users to track judges' scores for each heat and event, view individual heat results, and monitor their standings in the World Ranking System (WRS), all in real time.

Automated World Ranking System: Fully automated the WRS, eliminating manual updates and ensuring accurate, timely rankings.

Cost Efficiency

Reduced monthly website costs significantly from approximately $900/month to $200/month, optimizing their budget while delivering a modern, more efficient product.


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  • Marketing
  • Consulting

We are immensely pleased with the work auxodin has done in developing our comprehensive web platform. The intuitive design for managing events, secure user systems, and improved SEO have notably enhanced our operations and online presence. Their expertise in development and a keen understanding of our needs have been pivotal in revolutionizing how we engage with the wake surfing community. We are grateful for the skill and dedication brought to this project and highly recommend their services.

Competitive Wake Surf Association
International Wake Surf Organization
Reduction in Page Load Times
More Efficient Scoring Process
Reduction in Website Costs
Increase in Web Traffic

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