Case Study - Leston Eustache

Since 2015, Leston Eustache has established himself as a leading realtor in Dallas, known for his impressive sales record and strong social media presence. With over $40,000,000 in sales in 2023 alone and a following of over 100,000 on Instagram, Leston combines industry expertise with innovative digital engagement.



Leston Eustache, one of the top realtors in Dallas, faced challenges in keeping up with the high volume of leads. His existing process was inefficient, leading to missed opportunities and a need for a more effective lead management system.

Our Solution

We developed a comprehensive digital solution for Leston, focused on enhancing lead management and client interaction. The core of our strategy was a custom website that served not only as a lead generation tool but also as a centralized platform for lead management.

Lead Management System

We introduced an interactive portal integrated into Leston's website, revolutionizing how his team managed incoming leads. This system allowed for efficient tracking, managing, and follow-up with potential clients, significantly improving the team's response rate and lead handling capacity.

User-Friendly Contact Platform

To streamline client interaction, we implemented a user-friendly pre-qualification contact form on the website. This made it easier for clients to reach out, bypassing the need to navigate through platforms like Instagram, and directly engaging with Leston's services.

Online Education Platform and Mentorship

Recognizing Leston's expertise in real estate, we created an online education platform along with a private mentorship program. This initiative was designed not only to share Leston's vast knowledge with aspiring realtors but also to establish him as a thought leader in the industry.


The solutions we implemented for Leston Eustache have transformed his lead management process, improved client engagement, and positioned him as a pioneering educator in the real estate field. Our work has streamlined his business operations, enhancing his professional presence and effectiveness as a top realtor in Dallas.


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I just started my real estate business and I was looking for a good website designer to help me keep track of my leads and point prospects in the right direction to become clients. Loved the website this company created for me.

Leston Eustache
Realtor Students
Private Mentees
Increase in Website Traffic
Hours Saved/Week

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