Case Study - The Owner Finance Network

With over 30+ years in this industry as both an investor and a real estate attorney, Scott Horne has created The Owner Finance Network to not only teach you this business, but to provide every service you need along the way.

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OFN was operating with four separate websites, each functioning independently, leading to inefficiencies in lead management and a disjointed online presence. The goal was to streamline these processes and enhance their digital footprint.

Our Solution

We stepped in to revolutionize OFN's digital strategy. We developed five additional websites and revamped the old 4, seamlessly integrating them with the existing four to create a cohesive online ecosystem. Using WordPress and Elementor, we crafted each website not only to stand out on its own but also to contribute to a unified brand narrative.

Lead Management Overhaul

Transitioning from a fragmented email-based lead system, we implemented a centralized lead management solution. This shift significantly optimized OFN's process, providing them with a singular portal to manage leads efficiently.

Online Courses and Revenue Generation

A highlight of our collaboration was the creation of four online courses. These courses not only educated investors but also became a significant revenue stream, generating over $100,000.

Marketing and Growth

Since taking over their marketing in November, we've achieved remarkable results. We've amplified OFN's social media presence, leading to a more than 5X growth in engagement and approximately doubling their online leads.

Interconnected Digital Strategy

The main education website serves as the central hub, seamlessly linking to OFN's diverse services – from a national escrow service and an RMLO service to a title company, hard money lender, real estate attorney, two investor websites, a bank, and a loan servicing company. This interconnected strategy not only streamlined OFN’s digital presence but also enhanced user experience and client journey across platforms.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Efficiency

Our work also included implementing advanced features such as automatic invoice generation and client satisfaction surveys, further adding to the efficiency and effectiveness of OFN’s operations.


Our comprehensive digital strategy has not only unified OFN's online presence but also significantly boosted their operational efficiency, lead generation, and revenue, exemplifying a successful digital transformation.


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  • Advertising

These guys are the real deal. Everything we ask to get implemented in our website gets done without any hiccups, and it gets done fast. We’ve been working with AJ since 2019 and you can tell he’s really grown as a business owner. They have taken over the online marketing and advertising for all of our companies and we've been so happy with out growth. You won’t be disappointed hiring them.

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